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What is a Culture Transformation?

What is a culture transformation?

Simply put, a culture transformation is shifting the organization to support the ideal workplace culture. This includes getting everyone involved and making the necessary changes. This is not a one-and-done project. It is a continuous process of building awareness toward your company's goals and core values, creating plans, adapting when your actions are not aligned with those goals and values and being held accountable.

While many think a cultural transformation is a radical and gigantic undertaking, it’s most effective by taking small steps at a time. And in some cases, a thriving culture transformation process is about recognizing the existing culture and building processes that allow that culture to flourish.

When is a culture transformation necessary?

A company's culture changes as the overall strategy, employees, and customers change. Because of this, new norms and beliefs become part of the overall culture. Instead of waiting for a scandal or issue, companies integrate culture transformation into their business to ensure everyone is on the same page.

A culture transformation is especially important for companies with offices worldwide, work remotely, or have employees from different cultures. A shared purpose and vision engage everyone more when a culture transformation is implemented correctly.

What are the benefits of a culture transformation?

There are endless benefits to having a culture transformation, but if you need leadership buy-in, here are a few benefits.

Increased Morale - A strong sense of purpose, shared vision, and more result in employees feeling more included and, in turn, leads to higher productivity and better employee engagement.

Higher Innovation - When companies foster an inclusive culture and welcome the opinions of diverse perspectives, employees are more likely to feel safe posing new ideas and feel more comfortable taking risks.

Improve Customer Service - When the organization has a shared vision, they communicate more effectively. This leads to more efficient internal communication and improved customer service and satisfaction reviews.

How do you get started with a culture transformation?

Getting started with a culture transformation can be overwhelming. Our DEI consultants can help you gain buy-in, understand the benefits of embracing an inclusive culture, and will guide you through the culture transformation process. Schedule your free consultation today.


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