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Culture Transformation

The disconnect between a company’s stated values and what they actually do leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of both consumers and top talent. In this digital world, employees and consumers have almost direct access into any and everything your company does (that includes everything from how inclusive you are vs. how inclusive you say you are, to how your CEO treats employees). This new climate has brought the authenticity of culture to the forefront of every leadership conversation.

FIG aligns your business goals, DEI initiatives and demographic shifts by identifying the gaps in your current culture or the one you aspire to have. We help you create internal buy-in with employees by addressing their concerns and making them a part of your culture transformation.


Do you know how your employees feel about certain issues?


Take Bob for example. Bob is a white, male employee or manager that just can’t get behind all of these DEI initiatives. Why? Because Bob has been left out, and he also thinks employees of color are getting too much attention or unearned raises and promotions. In short, he feels threatened by the new “inclusive” culture in the organization and as a result, he challenges everyone regardless of validity and refuses to be a team player. Or worse, Bob says  nothing, but no longer feels valuable to the organization and has therefore checked out and stopped “showing up” to work. He’s just there. 


What if someone actually talked to Bob and got his input? Does Bob even understand the “why” behind these initiatives and mandatory diversity training, or did everyone assume since they don’t directly involve Bob, he wouldn’t care? Just one “Bob” in your organization can create a toxic “us vs them” culture that is hard to bounce back from. 

3 benefits of Culture Transformation

  • Employee buy-in = internal advocates

  • Higher engagement = increased productivity

  • Shared goals = less turnover


Does your company culture need to change? Talk to one of our DEI consultants. 

Companies with above-average total diversity, had 19% higher innovation revenues and 9% points higher EBIT margins on average (HBR)

Companies with diverse boards are 43% more likely to experience higher profits. (McKinsey & Company)

reported higher levels of engagement when they believed their company fosters an inclusive culture. (Deloitte)

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