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People lie. Numbers don't. 

We let the numbers do the talking. 


Asserting that race or gender are credentials is profoundly misguided. In the current climate, business leaders are often pressured into believing that apologizing for their white or male identity is a prerequisite for championing diversity, supposedly leading to improved business outcomes. This belief is fundamentally at odds with FIG’s principles.

We recognize the noise surrounding DEI. It’s a loud and pervasive topic, often with conflicting viewpoints, which can be overwhelming when the focus needs to be on running your business. At FIG, we affirm that prioritizing your financial interests is acceptable and advisable. Making decisions based on sound business judgment rather than race or gender is not just okay; it’s essential for your business’s integrity and long-term success. Our data-driven guidance is about integrating DEI in a way that supports and enhances your business objectives without succumbing to counterproductive societal pressures.

86% of employees believe managers should undergo anti-bias training. 

Are you frustrated with ineffective DEI training? You are not alone. Our training is no joke. All business. All data. All inclusive. No white shaming or gender bashing.

80% of leadership engagement on D&I remains at the basic level.

 We stand firmly with your leaders. Our approach involves developing assertive communication strategies that address diversity and inclusion firmly rooted in business acumen and strong leadership.

64% of event organizers considered speaker diversity a necessity, but only 46% agreed that they were able to achieve it.

Booking a Black person for the sake of it is so 2020. Hiring TaChelle as a speaker is a strategic move for leaders who are serious about their business and view diversity as an opportunity.

71% of consumers expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their online advertising. 

Are you missing opportunities to grow your customer base? Lets' do something about it.

85% of employers think Workforce diversity is a priority.

Demographics are changing, and if you don't start prioritizing DEI soon you will be missing out on major opportunities. 

83% of millennials reported higher levels of engagement when they believed their company fosters an inclusive culture. 

In the digital age, if you aren't practicing what you preach, you risk being 'canceled.'  Are you prepared for that

Contrary to headlines, 47% of companies still view DEI as important to their long-term business growth. 

Our Fractional Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) service offers a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) focused on business objectives.

As of 2022, 18.7% of U.S. employer businesses were minority-owned.

And growing. Do you have gaps in your supply chain or product offerings? Consider a supplier diversity program. We can help.

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