According to the Boston Consulting Group, there is a 6% net profit margin increase at companies in which 30% of leadership positions are filled by women.


FIG is a certified minority and woman-owned small business. We provide customer-centric diversity growth strategies and consulting services with a savage twist, all based on the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). 

Strong brands are built from the inside out, and while your brand is everything you do; we tend to attack your growth goals from two perspectives. One side is what we say and how we communicate, the message we send, our marketing efforts, and the public commitments we make. The other side is what we do; our culture, how we operate, our values, and how we live up to who we say we are. 

The challenge for most brands is aligning the two; from the boardroom to the front lines; we work with our partners to drive transformative change.


Want to learn more about aligning your diversity initiatives with your brand strategy? We can help. We’re business strategists with a leaning toward DEI. Call 1-800-834-4946 for a free consultation,
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