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D&I Leadership and Executive Support

The prevailing narrative on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) presents significant challenges, particularly for white male leaders, who often feel unfairly targeted due to their race. This sentiment is compounded by a growing perception that their expertise and contributions are losing relevance. In such an environment, robust support from a competent, anti-woke ally isn’t just beneficial—it’s imperative.


At FIG, we stand firmly with your leaders. Our approach involves developing assertive communication strategies that address diversity and inclusion firmly rooted in business acumen. We prioritize strategies that align with and reinforce your brand’s promise and core values. We staunchly refuse to succumb to fleeting ‘woke’ trends or external pressures. Our commitment is to ensure your leaders’ perspectives resonate powerfully and effectively in the dynamic arena of today’s business world.

Our executive support is designed to address high-level concerns around DEI in a non-judgmental and non-combative setting. We focus on what matters most to executives: why should I invest, and how do I benefit from the investment?


 When it comes to enforcing DEI standards, leaders need to be educated on diversity, equity, and inclusion and their role in daily communication to mitigate risk. The FIG approach to DEI leadership is straightforward: Identify unconscious bias, address micro-aggressions, understand the danger of stereotypes and labeling to create clear standards and training guidelines, set company inclusion, and benefit financially for your good work.


Leadership is a responsibility, and negligence is not a good look. Get in touch today to learn more about our DEI executive coaching services.

3 benefits of DEI executive coaching

  • Build brand equity

  • Protect yourself from unjust labeling and racism

  • Benefit financially 

  • *BONUS: Have a badass Black businesswoman in your corner*

Diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to reap financial returns. (McKinsey & Company)

considered DEI "a distraction from our company's real work." (

on D&I remains at the basic level. (PWC)

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