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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

How many diversity trainings have you been subject to over the last year?

How many hours have you spent learning generic definitions of diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias, etc.? 


Are you frustrated with ineffective DEI training that demands you to suppress aspects of your identity, such as your “whiteness” or “male privilege”? You are not alone in this experience. At FIG, we redefine DEI training and workshops with a core emphasis on universal respect, not limited to minority groups. 

Not only are these generic trainings boring, but they also result in zero buy-in from your employees. Essentially, you are wasting money on something nobody wants to be a part of. At FIG Strategy & Consulting, we meet your team where they're at with specialized DEI training and workshops.

Our approach integrates real-world case studies and specific business goals with robust, anti-woke inclusion tactics. At FIG, inclusion means everybody is taken into account. Our policy effectively minimizes the risk of discrimination claims and the perils of ‘cancel culture.’ We achieve this by tailoring our training to each employee, considering their roles, responsibilities, and the extent of their interaction within and outside the organization. Our commitment is to prepare every individual, ensuring a truly inclusive and respectful workplace.

​It takes strong management skills, leadership practices, and communication techniques to address DEI issues. Most of these aren’t taught in typical business classes or employee training, but we can learn them now. Today, employees demand a better work culture, a better experience, and a better leadership team, or they could walk (or worse). Invest in your organization's culture now or you could end up with a costly consequence down the road.

The goal of DEI training is to encourage good business. It can also minimize unconscious bias, prejudice, and discrimination. Also known as lawsuits.

Our DEI training services are designed to help you develop an inclusive and fair company culture. This will help you attract, hire, and keep candidates and employees from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, better positioning you to solve diverse customer problems.

By addressing workplace diversity, you will see positive changes in your company culture. Get in touch with us today. 


Las Vegas & Virtual DEI Consulting Services

Las Vegas & Virtual DEI Consulting Services

We offer several different types of diversity training and support services. 

Leadership and
Executive Support

Book our leadership DEI training for the executives and leaders in your organization. This program focuses on building leadership skills and developing emotional intelligence. It also includes training for identifying and aligning values. Learn more about our executive support services here or get in touch with one of our team members today. 

Team Coaching and Workshops

Team workshops can help your employees work together effectively. In turn, it creates environments where everyone understands what is expected of them. Your employees become more creative, profitable, and productive.

Invest in your workplace culture with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training.

Strategies for Organizations

We assess your company culture with employee interviews, focus groups, and surveys. We will review workplace policies and systems to recommend changes that will help create a more inclusive workplace. Then we will help you develop DEI strategies and set them up to be sustainable for long-term success. Learn more here 

DEI Speaker

We tailor our talks to meet the specific needs. of your event, training or workshop. Learn more here 

Benefits of Our DEI Training for Employees

Are you looking for a solution to improve your team's productivity? Or maybe you're noticing discrimination among employees, and you want to protect your culture. Here's the good news — diversity programs can provide all of these benefits and more.


Check out some of the benefits that diversity training can provide.

Eliminate Harassment and Discrimination

DEI training can turn a discriminatory company culture into one that treats employees with respect. It aims to help both employees and managers recognize discrimination, as well as how to handle it.

Company Growth and Innovation 

A diverse working environment is highly desirable for employees. Plus, inclusion and diversity training can help develop the talents of all employees. This can lead to improved customer relations and more innovative approaches at work.

Safer Workplace for All Employees

Work environments become safer when discrimination and harassment are no longer accepted. DEI training helps employees and leaders understand the problems associated with that behavior.


Addressing these issues is critical for employees who face abuse. No employee should have to work in an unsafe environment. So, evaluating how diversity training might help address this challenge is vital.

Avoid Legal Issues

DEI training can keep companies from paying excessive legal fees in discrimination lawsuits. Companies can save time and their reputation by making sure they don't condone a discriminatory work environment. Our experts can guide you on setting a clear path of escalation in the event of an employee complaint.

Reduced Conflict

The goal of good DEI training is to diminish conflict at work.


Conflict will decrease in an environment characterized by respect, understanding, and inclusion. People can express themselves effectively, rather than let tension turn into conflict.

Increased Productivity

Employees who feel safe and respected at their workplace can concentrate on their tasks. Diversity allows employees to focus rather than worrying about discrimination or safety. DEI training promotes a safe and productive work culture.

Our Reviews

We've worked with countless organizations to bring inclusiveness to their company culture. See what people say about our DEI programs here:

“TaChelle is a straight shooter, she doesn't sugarcoat and really does approach diversity from an entire business perspective. Not just about black, white, women, etc. the business. She suggested we shape our DEI position and promise on the things we'd commit to and that made sense for our company objectives”

Maurice Brewster, Mosaic Global Transportation

“TaChelle provided insights that have been a game changer for not only us as a company but for me as a person. She has such a knack for business and for people. She knows how to talk to business leaders and give meaningful advice on how to make your business better and more profitable.”

Sarah Engstrand, Bar & Restaurant

Book DEI Training for Your Team Today

Ultimately, the way forward begins with you. Get active and open about fostering an inclusive environment for your team. Invest in professional training and development to improve your organization's diversity. Set your business up for success!


You can take advantage of DEI training with FIG Strategy & Consulting. Give our team a call today at (800) 834-4946 or fill out the quick form on our contact page to request a free consultation

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