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Helping you meet your DEI commitments. 

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The luxury retail industry continues to evolve, and after the summer of 2020, customers and employees began demanding more from the companies they patronize. Luxury brands are working to repair damaged reputations, with America's largest banks committing over $32 billion after George Floyd’s murder.


From diversity staffing challenges in executive leadership to pay inequities, a lack of management development programs, and misleading marketing, luxury retail brands are under scrutiny. 


Our DEI consultants can help ensure that you meet your commitments. From assessments to strategy to social governance, we have a comprehensive approach to understanding your organization's various diversity, equity and inclusion issues.

Let's build something great together.

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How we can help

Build a comprehensive DEI strategy

We can help build an end-to-end DEI strategy that makes sense for your organization, from determining the purpose of your DEI strategy to creating an annual report for your shareholders and everything in between.


Executive DEI coaching

We provide high-level, big-picture (yours, not ours) coaching to your executive team through our DEI coaching programs. 

Fractional CDO

Do you need a Chief Diversity Officer to hold you accountable and keep your DEI initiatives aligned with the business goals but not a full-time employee? Check out our fractional CDO services.

Build an inclusive culture

We can conduct a culture audit and assessment and help you build a culture program that will increase employee engagement and innovation. 

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