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Fractional Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) 

Our Fractional Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) service offers a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) focused on business objectives. We prioritize practical, results-oriented, anti-woke actions over superficial measures, aligning our efforts with your business goals, service quality, financial performance, and organizational culture.


What does the CDO do?

  1. Strategic Leadership: The Fractional CDO provides vision and leadership to effectively integrate diversity into the organization, working closely with leadership, the board, and/or advisory council to shape and implement talent investments, plans, and diversity strategies that align with long-term company goals.

  2. Retention and Recruitment Program Development: The Fractional CDO collaborates with leadership to develop strategic hiring and retention efforts to attract and retain a talented, diverse workforce. Drives diverse talent identification and retention strategies for staff and leadership. Not to be confused with "Box Checking" or race-based hiring.

  3. Advice, Reporting, and Guidance: The Fractional CDO serves as the senior advisor to the President/CEO and leadership on initiatives and issues related to diversity and inclusion and also serves as an advocate, mentor, and resource for concerns and issues related to DEI. Collects, analyzes, monitors, and disseminates relevant data and statistics to benchmark and promote accountability for diversity and inclusion throughout the company.


Are you in need of strategic support for your diversity and inclusion initiatives? Contact one of our team members for more information about our Fractional CDO service.


3 benefits of a Fractional CDO 

  • CDO support at a fractional cost

  • Consistent DEI advisory support

  • DEI strategy and guidance to match business goals

Companies that had public incidents of “bad executive behavior” in saw an average 7 percent decline in market capitalization in the weeks following the news. (Russell Reynolds)

believe diversity and inclusion strategies are beneficial and essential (Quantum Workplace)

included on the S&P 500 index currently have a Chief Diversity Officer. (Fortune)

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