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Diversity Fueled Growth

Over the next 20 years, the percentage of whites in the U.S will fall under 50% making them the new “minority”. While collectively, “minorities” will become the new “majority”. 


FIG will work with you to understand how future demographic shifts will impact your customers and your employees. Using analytics, industry and trend reports, we’ll dig deep to develop a long-term strategy that positions your company and your team for growth. By taking a proactive approach to DEI, you can control your growth and your story.

A diversity growth strategy identifies the brand vulnerabilities where DEI is concerned, from customer messaging to product development and everything in between. We help you implement strategies to enforce your core values and align your business goals with DEI strategies.


Demographics are changing. Quickly. Contact us today to learn more about building a diversity fueled growth strategy.

3 benefits of DEI strategy

  • Proactive approach = less need for reaction

  • Maintain or grow market share

  • Alignment of culture and business goals

Companies employing an equal number of men and women manage to product up to 41% higher revenue. (Clear Company)

think Workforce diversity is a priority, but 45% do not monitor employee diversity and 46% haven't established programs to measure their organizations' diversity. (Robert Walters)

at small organizations think their workforce reflects the demographics of their environment. (

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