brand strategy

Your brand is your only asset that has the potential to never depreciate in value.

But, as we all know nothing that good comes easy, and in order to build strong brand equity you need a clear strategy that is inclusive, a deliberate diversity plan, a strong vision and a solid brand identity and story. Who are you? What are you offering? Why should people care? This is the beginning of any brand’s growth, whether you’re starting from scratch, re-branding or scaling up. 

At FIG we know your brand is everything about your business, it’s not just limited to the message you send out. From your logo to your customer service to your company representatives, you are constantly sending a message to your customers and you want to make sure it’s consistent and that your message is clear. With this in mind, we help you craft a strong and authentic brand, while understanding how multifaceted both your brand and your story is.

Brand Experience

Don’t let your brand fall victim to the Instagram vs Real Life fad. Branding is not only what we tell customers, it’s their experience of us. Make sure they match. Take the time to walk through your customers experience and adjust as necessary.

Brand Strategy

Every mega-brand has a strategy they live by, we help you create yours. Want to produce a new video, check your strategy. Thinking about improving the website? Check your strategy. Everything that affects your brand should fall under your strategy. 

Brand Story & Personality

Personality, Promise and Positioning. By focusing on the three P’s, we help bring your brand story into practice with a strong voice and clear intention. 

Product Launch & Development

A great product without a strategy and a clear audience in mind is just another product. We help you to think brand as you develop your product. Who is it for and how will we reach them? How does the new product align with your current strategy?

Brand Identity

Who are you? Make sure your identity is clear in how it’s communicated through color, design and copy so there’s never a question about who you are in the mind of your customer.

Brand Architecture & Naming

Don't let your brand architecture end up like your kitchen junk drawer, a semi-organized mess. There’s more to a brand than a logo. FIG will help you develop the architecture of your brand so that as you grow, you have a strategy in place. 

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