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DEI Consulting

Many DEI consultants prioritize dismantling white supremacy over data and facts. At FIG, our philosophy is distinct and assertive: we believe business performance must take the forefront and not be overshadowed by an excessive focus on race or gender. Our strategies are meticulously crafted to position diversity as a competitive advantage. We go beyond mere virtue signaling and performative actions. Our commitment is to align diversity and inclusion efforts directly with your company’s core promise, driving tangible enhancements to your bottom line. This is how corporate social responsibility begins. Our approach ensures that your DEI initiatives are socially and financially responsible, strategically savvy, and business-forward.



FIG's method at a glance



We conduct an in-depth audit of your organization's current climate to understand the challenges you are facing.



We will work with you to create a DEI strategy that is customized to your specific needs and set you up for success.



We help you from planning to implementation of your DEI strategy.

How We Can Help

Outdated diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies are no longer enough to give your business the competitive advantage it needs to thrive. Organizations now have to take societal and technological changes into consideration as well, embedding it into your organization, from hiring practices to diverse spending to communications and marketing. And we’re not just referring to diversity, equity and inclusion training, we mean making behavioral changes and seeking different perspectives as they relate to DEI. FIG examines each aspect of your business, from operations to external partnerships, to identify gaps and uses data & analytics to create effective strategies to address each business challenge. 


Our Process



While diving straight into DEI work might seem like the best way to create change, it can actually prove to yield ineffective results. Our strategists will work with you to understand your organization's unique challenges and obstacles, and those insights will be used as the foundation of development for your strategic plan. 



Following the audit, we will work with you to create a measurable and actionable plan for your organization.



We can help with the development and implementation of a variety of programs and projects. A few examples include: 

  • Top-down, bottom-up organizational strategy 

  • Gap and threat analysis

  • ESG review and revamp

  • Diversity communications plan

  • Partner and sponsor alignment

Benefits of DEI Consulting

Employees Trust Outside Consultants

91% of employees feel more comfortable having an outside DEI consultant conduct an inclusion assessment of their company. You receive more direct and objective results by engaging a professional with no ties to your organization. 

Customers Care About DEI 

58% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that stand for diversity, equity and inclusion. An external DEI consultant brings a new perspective to your business and ensures that your DEI communication strategy is authentic.

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