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DEI Speaker

Get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations

TaChelle Lawson is a dynamic speaker whose combination of business acceleration and development expertise helps drive revenue, increase brand awareness, improve product positioning and create a more positive work environment - all with a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) lens. She’s an engaging speaker who’s both direct and savage in her approach.

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About TaChelle Lawson

TaChelle is a highly-accomplished entrepreneur and consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality, food & beverage, and luxury service industries. The Las Vegas native has held various positions in hospitality beginning in the wedding business at the Paris Hotel, later being part of the opening team for the Renaissance Las Vegas and T-Mobile Arena. TaChelle has worked with some of Las Vegas’ most notable events and conferences including: NASCAR, EDC, Red Bull Air Race, NHRA and SEMA.  She has also worked with some of the most recognizable brands, among them Mercedes-Benz, NASCAR, Nike, M&M Mars, and Louis Vuitton who’ve all relied on her business acceleration and development expertise to help drive revenue, increase brand awareness, and improve product positioning. TaChelle is the founder of FIG Strategy & Consulting & a professional speaker, specializing in inclusive culture and advancing minority women in the workplace.

Speaking Topics

Diversity: The Bottom Line

Diversity is powerful. But what is Diversity: Cognitive, cultural, racial, religious, age, sex, gender, sexual identity, disability, socioeconomic, education, family dynamics. A lot more than just skin color! Everyone has something valuable to offer. TaChelle speaks on the importance of diversity and how it is crucial to delivering valuable customer experiences as well as increased cash flow. Attendees walk away feeling inspired to improve their workplace culture and shake things up - in a good way.

Leadership Responsibility

Leadership is a responsibility, not a privilege. TaChelle speaks on what it means to build an "open door" culture and inspire teams to deliver their best 100% of the time. Leaders are able to identify the areas they need to improve on and how to implement changes. Most companies see an improvement in employee engagement, productivity, and overall commitment once leaders make these small adjustments within 30 days. 

Race & Inclusive Culture

No one wants to talk about race. They don’t know how. We’ve spent the majority of our careers (and lives) being conditioned not to talk about race. Not to acknowledge racial and cultural differences. And now we must. Our careers and reputations depend on it. The truth is it can be uncomfortable, but it isn’t impossible to have meaningful and enlightening discussions about our racial differences and use that to create an inclusive work culture where everyone feels seen, and heard for those very differences.

Belonging vs. Inclusion

If you engage a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) firm to help build your diversity initiatives, and they want to talk about ‘belonging’...RUN! Belonging is something you do at home. At your church or synagogue. At your school. With your closest friends. Don’t confuse it with loyalty. Or inclusion. Businesses exist to solve problems and be profitable. Doesn’t inclusion make more sense?

Equality vs. Equity

Which is more important? Can you have an inclusive workplace environment without one of them? In this 60-minute session TaChelle Lawson addresses the challenge of applying equity to achieve equality, identifying equity gaps and the roles you play in enforcing both.

Countless conferences & companies have looked to TaChelle to provide her expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion. 

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Book TaChelle Lawson Today

TaChelle Lawson is a flexible diversity and inclusion speaker who easily tailors her engagements to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations, from hospitality conventions to government agencies. Call FIG Strategy & Consulting at 800-834-4946 or fill out our form to request a free consultation.