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Strengthening your DEI initiatives 

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The insurance industry is crucial in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. While many insurance companies have embraced the DEI movement, they still need help implementing specific strategies to attract and retain diverse talent and create an internal and external culture of inclusion. 


From cultural disconnect to a lack of leadership buy-in, the insurance industry faces significant roadblocks to strengthening its DEI initiatives. To address these challenges, insurance agencies must develop strategic plans to address the change in corporate culture. Our diversity consultants can help your organization create meaningful, measurable change.

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What we do 

Culture Transformation

We conduct a culture audit and assessment to build a culture transformation plan to increase employee engagement and retention. 


DEI Strategy

We help build an end-to-end DEI strategy that makes sense for your organization, from determining the purpose of your DEI strategy to creating an annual report for your shareholders and everything in between.


Fractional CDO 

Do you need a Chief Diversity Officer to hold you accountable and keep your DEI initiatives aligned with the business goals? Check out our fractional CDO services.

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