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DEI is about mission, not culture

Updated: May 8

DEI is about more than culture, it's about the mission and the strategy to execute it.

Building an effective, inclusive culture is not about DEI. It’s about the mission. What problem are you solving, and who cares?

Asking and answering those questions determine the foundation of DEI strategy. As one-size-fits-all as it seems, to make sense for the business, it has to be about the business.

The core of every approach must be who you are solving the problem for (i.e., who cares): the target audience, customer, consumer, patient, guest, member, etc. Why they care about your business is crucial to how you approach DEI. 

How they connect with diversity today, their definition of equity, and what they consider inclusion should align with your mission. They aren’t opposing ideologies. 

Do you have an ICP? What do they like, care about, read, share, and post? Gathering this information is beneficial to understanding what moves them. It also makes it essential to identify patterns and trends. Are they shifting, starting families, retiring, or concerned about health, the economy, the environment, or social justice? 

Think about how different your internal approach to DEI would be if you understood how it aligns with your target's external needs and expectations of your product or service. 

That’s the anti-woke approach. That’s DEI strategy. 

DEI is deep, and it’s usually done wrong, so being intentional can be a competitive advantage for an organization


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