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A Lesson in Branding: Ferrari Rules

Updated: 5 days ago

Luxury Red Ferraris parked
Follow the Ferrari rules or get black listed.

Stop defending your decision to put business first. 

Did you know that purchasing a Ferarri comes with rules? Yup. Some car ownership comes with rules. 

We can learn a lot from the Ferrari rules

  • Must be at least 40 years old to purchase a Ferarri.

  • You can’t sell your new Ferrari within the first year of ownership.

  • No modification of the engine, body or colors is allowed.

  • NEVER cover the Ferrari badge.

  • An authorized Ferrari dealer must perform all maintenance.

  • Attend Ferrari events and gatherings.

The Ferarri blacklist is real. Break any one of these rules and find out.

Are they excluding individuals who won’t adhere to their rules? Yes, they are.

Are they still selling Ferraris? Yes, they are. 

Are they apologizing for not letting you paint it hot pink and add paw prints? Nope.

If you don’t like the rules, buy a different car. The customer that aligns with Ferarri is the one they cater to. No one else. And that customer isn’t demanding to cover the badge, change the color, etc. 

They demand that Ferarri enforce the rules of ownership because it creates exclusivity. And that is what matters to the Ferarri customer: exclusivity and importance. 

Remember that old saying, “Only fools try to please everyone?” This saying applies more to businesses. 

We can all learn a lesson from Ferarri; it isn’t about making rules. The lesson is to know your customers and what matters to them.

What's important to your customer? And how does DEI factor in?

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