Cognitive diversity drives innovation by up to 20% (Kristin Ryba, Quantum Workplace)


Introducing FIG
FIG Strategy & Consulting is a brand strategy firm that incorporates diversity, equity and inclusion education and training with your business goals and brand/and marketing development strategies without all the fluff. We are committed to dismantling the very need for DEI by normalizing diversity of thought, raising cultural awareness and promoting emotional intelligence to make our world a better place for everyone -- all while helping your business grow.

There’s power in perspective, and we know there’s power in integration. From research and strategy to design and experiential, we work with our partners to unleash powerful brands.

Our Mission
... to change the way others think about diversity. We do this through DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) training and awareness, incorporating DEI into brand strategy, culture transformation including thought leadership and sensitivity training, strategic sourcing - matching minority suppliers to buyers, and strategic storytelling.

At FIG we blend the best of all elements to make your company stand out. We energize, promote and support your company and the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.


In short, we help your brand evolve. We’re trainers. We’re educators. Most of all, we’re brand strategists. We help you align your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives with your business goals and brand strategies. Call 1-800-834-4946 for a free consultation, or click here.