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A Credit Suisse study of 3,000 companies found those in which women held 20% or more management roles generated 2.04% higher cash flow returns on investment than companies with 15% or fewer women in management roles.


Control your diversity conversation, or others will. Brands can no longer afford to publicly champion positions they don’t privately practice. If your customers suspect you have ulterior motives, it can have a tragic impact on your bottom line. Today, consumers’ buying decisions are made based on your ability to demonstrate an alignment between your values and theirs. This has become the new norm, rendering “business as usual'' a relic of the past. 

The first and most critical step in forming a diversity growth strategy is leadership commitment. It’s one thing to put up a statement about DEI. It’s another to be open to investing in an area of the business that’s been grossly overlooked and not taken seriously for decades. Has the brand invested in multicultural data, or are they applying stereotypes as the norm? Asking and answering questions such as these reveal significant areas of opportunity that can lead to an incredible transformation.

A diversity growth strategy identifies the brand vulnerabilities where diversity is concerned, from customer messaging to product development and everything in between. We help you implement strategies to enforce the core values and the customer service reviews line up. No one feels left out because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Typical results are a brand rich in authentic diversity storytelling and increased cash flow.


Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice. Are you ready to turn your diversity strategies into growth opportunities? Schedule a free consultation with one of our DEI specialists. Call 1-800-834-4946 or click here.

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