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70% of respondents in a Yello survey said they would consider looking for a new job if their employer didn’t demonstrate a commitment to diversity. 


The typical lack of cohesion between a company’s stated values and their actual practice leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of both consumers and top talent. Internet-sleuthing, review sites, the media, and live streams give customers almost direct access into any and everything your company does (that includes how inclusive you are versus how inclusive you say you are, to how your CEO treats employees). This new climate has brought the authenticity of culture to the forefront of every leadership conversation. 

What a business does, how it does it, who it hires, partners with, and ultimately which customers will connect is all centered around culture. Although diversity is a powerful addition to culture as it brings various perspectives, the best success lies in hiring for cultural fit first and allowing organic diversity to shape brand culture. Companies with diverse teams perform 33% higher than non-diverse teams. Companies with diverse cultures see 18% higher profits. We help you align the internal and external by uniting how you do business and your company culture around a shared purpose and vision that employees and customers can relate to.


Corporations can no longer make public statements they don’t live up to; is there a lack of cohesion between your culture and your employee or customer experience? Schedule a free consultation with one of our DEI specialists.  Call 1-800-834-4946 or click here.

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