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Fewer than 1 in 4 employees trust their CEO to tell them the truth about racism, diversity & inclusion in their institution. (Edelman)


Leadership is a responsibility, not a right. Creating physically safe and inclusive work environments is only the beginning. Employees expect to be free to express their creativity and culture in a way that provides mental and emotional safety. If the brand is promoting inclusion, the leadership team will be responsible for delivering DEI training and creating psychological safety for every employee to be free to be their true selves. 

When it comes to enforcing inclusion standards, leaders need to be educated on diversity intelligence and its role in daily communication to achieve an inclusive workplace. DEI leadership requires action and investment. The FIG approach to DEI leadership is straightforward: Identify unconscious bias, address microaggressions, understand the danger of stereotypes and labeling to create clear training guidelines, and set company expectations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Leadership is a responsibility, and it matters today more than ever. Are you at a loss when it comes to creating meaningful conversations with your diverse employees or customers? Schedule a free consultation with one of our DEI specialists. Call 1-800-834-4946  or click here.

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