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The State of DEI in the Hospitality and Travel Industry

The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and even while known as an industry of passion, many people eventually burn out. Looking closely at the hospitality and travel industry, another trend needs attention– the slow progress regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. While companies have made significant commitments in prioritizing DEI, the hospitality industry still has a long way to go before historical policies and procedures are changed.

In a 2022 research study done by the Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, NAPCO Research, and the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration’s Center for Hospitality Research, they examined the disparities between gender equality and DEI in the travel and hospitality industry and the results are honestly not all that shocking.

While the industry made the most progress in embracing DEI and attracting a diverse workforce, it simultaneously made less progress in retaining a diverse workforce and taking action to support diverse employees.

As seen in the data table, changing workplace conditions to better support more diverse employees and promoting women into leadership positions have the most significant differences in responses between men and women. Another enlightening discovery was the men and women that reported working in an inclusive culture were more likely to work for companies that offered diversity training, leadership/mentoring programs, employee resource groups, pay equity, and have consistently tried to eliminate bias in the hiring process.

There’s no such thing as automatic advancement in diversity, equity and inclusion–it takes work and commitment. How will you include women in business decisions, close the pay gap, and work towards changing policies and behaviors?

If you’re ready to start and need help, schedule a free consultation with one of our DEI consultants today.


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