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of companies with diverse and inclusive decision-making teams will exceed their financial targets in 2022. (Gartner, 2019) 

What We Do


We work with organizations to create a custom solution that aligns their business strategy with their DEI strategy. Whether you have an existing diversity initiative in place or are starting from square one, we can help at any stage.


We help you get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations. Whether you need a speaker on diversity, equity and inclusion, brand strategy or leadership - we have you covered.


We provide customized DEI training and workshops for organizations. Our trainings help create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.


Solid work culture over salary.

More than half of employees globally prioritized solid work culture over salary when deciding on a job position in 2019. (Glassdoor) 

1. The responsibility of the company's DEI program is given to an "only"

(the only POC, woman, etc. in the office) simply because of their minority status, with the assumption that their individual experience means they understand DEI. 

Our mission is to change the way organizations think about diversity.

Who We Are






FIG is a certified minority owned and woman-owned small business. We provide customer-centric diversity growth strategies and consulting services with a savage twist, all based on the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

We’re not your average diversity, equity and inclusion firm. Most DEI consultants focus on the superficial: hiring quotas, conducting the 10th diversity training of the year, etc. At FIG we believe that’s only half the battle. We’ll work with you to incorporate diversity into your business, marketing and brand strategy.


We ensure DEI is embedded into your business strategy - internally and externally, through DEI training and strategy. While we tailor our services based on your organizations individual needs and goals, you can expect our process to look like this: 

Our process

We conduct an audit

Through this analysis, we assess whether the business case for DEI aligns with the company’s directions, leadership vision, and readiness to change.

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