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Anti-Woke Business Strategy and Diversity Communications.



According to Harvard Kennedy School's Iris Bohnet, U.S. companies have spent $8 billion on DEI training since 2020.

Yet, accomplish little to nothing.

HBR, Data-Driven Diversity

What We Do


We collaborate with organizations to craft tailor-made solutions that harmonize their business and DEI strategies. Whether you’re already running a diversity initiative or beginning from scratch, our expertise is available at every stage of your DEI  journey.


We specialize in guiding you through those crucial, sometimes challenging conversations. Whether you require a speaker on diversity, equity and inclusion, brand strategy or leadership, FIG has you covered.


We seamlessly integrate DEI into your existing brand and business strategies. After all, DEI should complement and enhance your goals, not act as an obstacle.


DEI doesn't fail because of RACE.

It fails because it's done WRONG. 

DEI done wrong.

Reasons why your company's DEI "strategies" haven't been working

Our mission is to change the way organizations think about diversity.

FIG's Impact 


Anti-Woke Growth Strategies


FIG is committed to dismantling these misconceptions. We help you harness diversity & inclusion as a critical strategic advantage, effectively overturning the woke agenda and elevating your business to success and true inclusivity.

Your business comes first.

Step 1: Discovery Call

Our initial step is dedicated to thoroughly assessing your organization’s current and desired state. 

Step 2: Research 

Next we delve into in-depth industry research. We unapologetically analyze your competitors, study your target audiences, and identify industry trends, and threats.

Step 3: Begin your Anti-Woke Strategy with FIG

Select the service that best aligns with your specific requirements. If you are uncertain where to begin, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

stay connected. stay informed. 

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