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Diversity and Inclusion Speakers

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

2020 brought forth countless concerns for companies, from supply chain issues to having to lay off workers. While businesses are slowly recovering, one of the concerns that is still at the forefront of conversations is diversity, equity and inclusion. With over 80% of workers wanting an inclusive culture, diversity and inclusion speakers are crucial to employee retention and recruitment, increasing productivity, and creating the workplace culture you want. Maybe you aren’t sure where to start on your workplace diversity journey, or you just want to add a fresh perspective to your next event; either way, a diversity and inclusion speaker can help.

What Is A Diversity And Inclusion Speaker?

From topics directly tied to issues faced by minorities and women to fresh perspectives on the business application of diversity and inclusion, diversity, equity and inclusion speakers help inspire change within your organization.

They bring real-life experiences and highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion in today's workplace. Whether you are looking for a speaker for a keynote session or to lead an interactive workshop, FIG Strategy and Consulting has you covered.

Benefits Of A Diversity And Inclusion Speakers

Diversity and inclusion speakers help companies and individuals overcome their biases, learn how to work with a diverse workforce, and more. While diverse and inclusive companies have a competitive advantage, have more engaged and productive employees, and perform better financially, to just name a few of the benefits. A DEI speaker can encourage and inspire real, meaningful changes.

Diversity and Inclusion Speaker

TaChelle’s story is what they make movies about.

She grew up in a low-income and racially segregated section of North Las Vegas to

become an accomplished hospitality, food & beverage and luxury services professional who worked with such leading brands as Mercedes-Benz, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Bentley, NASCAR and others. After a steadily-progressive 20-year career, she became the owner of a thriving small business focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how they impact brand growth and profitability. Hers is a true success story she would love to share with you.

A highly accomplished entrepreneur, consultant and speaker who combines an understanding of business needs with DEI initiatives, TaChelle understands how to foster cultural transformations in the workplace to help businesses grow. With an unshakable ability to inspire and “tell it like it is,” she has facilitated thought-leadership discussions with C-suite executives regarding the importance of cultural diversity (particularly with black women) in branding.

D&I Certified by Cornell University and Diverse Business Certified by Dartmouth College, TaChelle is also a graduate of the Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program at Babson College. She’s a member of the Bar & Restaurant Executive Council, the UNLV Leadership Advisory Board, the Clark County Business Development Council and an active mentor and member of the National Diversity Council.

Her style is straightforward. Her combination of business acceleration and development expertise help drive revenue, increase brand awareness, and improve product positioning – all with an eye on DEI, racial equity and forward progress. She believes the strongest and smartest brands make diversity, equity and inclusion a part of their brand – not a PR response to the social uprising.

TaChelle is the founder and president of FIG Strategy & Consulting, based in Las Vegas, NV. She founded FIG to eliminate the divide between diversity initiatives and brand strategies. FIG does this through DEI consulting, executive coaching, diversity training, speaking engagements, strategic sourcing, workshops, and more.

Diversity and Inclusion Speaking Topics

TaChelle Lawson speaks on a wide variety of topics. Some of her most requested topics include:

Diversity: The Bottom Line

Diversity is powerful. But what is diversity? Cognitive, cultural, racial, religious, age, sex, gender, sexual identity, disability, socioeconomic, education, family dynamics, and more. A lot more than just skin color! TaChelle speaks on the importance of diversity and how it is crucial to delivering valuable customer experiences as well as increasing cash flow. Attendees walk away feeling inspired to improve their workplace culture and shake things up.

Equality vs. Equity

Which is more important? How does each one show up in the workplace? Can you have an inclusive workplace environment without one of them? TaChelle Lawson addresses the challenge of applying equity to achieve equality, identifying equity gaps and your roles in enforcing both.

Race and Inclusive Culture

No one wants to talk about race. They don’t know how. We’ve spent the majority of our careers (and lives) being conditioned not to talk about race, not to acknowledge racial and cultural differences, and now we must. Our careers and reputations depend on it. It can be uncomfortable, but it isn’t impossible to have meaningful and enlightening discussions about our racial differences and use that to create an inclusive work culture where everyone feels seen and heard for those differences.

Leadership Responsibility

Leadership is a responsibility, not a privilege. TaChelle speaks on what it means to build an “open door” culture and inspire teams to deliver their best 100% of the time. Leaders are able to identify the areas they need to improve on and how to implement changes. Most companies see an improvement in employee engagement, productivity, and overall commitment once leaders make these small adjustments within 30 days.

Motivational Speaking

These are more than feel-good speeches. These are all designed to help leaders and employees understand that everyone needs to feel a sense of inclusion and purpose.

To bring your best self to work every day, people must have safe spaces. These

speeches will leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and motivated to show up as your best each day.

TaChelle has spoken at numerous conferences and conventions that cater to different audiences and industries, from hospitality conventions to risk management conferences. Whatever your company or events needs are, TaChelle can tailor her program to your industry's specific challenges.

Get Started Today

Don’t let diversity be another buzzword at your event. Add a diversity speaker to your next event. Reach out to the FIG team today and learn more about how you can book TaChelle Lawson for your next event.


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