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DEI Workshops

We provide custom interactive diversity, equity and inclusion workshops for companies and individuals.

Diversity, equity and inclusion have become a hot topic in recent years for companies,

with many hosting one-off training sessions on unconscious bias or discrimination. Rarely do these trainings result in enhanced understanding or changed behavior with employees. In several cases, quite the opposite. Employees complain about training burnout, redundancy and overall ineffectiveness. 


Does this mean companies should stop diversity, equity and inclusion training? No. Companies should be more intentional about the goals of training. 


The FIG solution is a diversity, equity and inclusion or DEI workshop. A DEI workshop is an in-depth, concentrated educational session designed with the employee in mind. Case studies and real-life examples are combined with traditional learning and conversations to help employees understand diversity, equity and inclusion concepts and how they show up in the workplace. Participants are encouraged to contribute and engage based on their comfort level and ask questions free of judgment and pressure.

Benefits of DEI Workshops 

More Educated Employees

Employees leave with increased cultural awareness, better understanding of how to effectively collaborate and their own responsibilities in breaking down bias, checking micro-aggression and contributing to organizational inclusion.

Better Reputation

Creating an informed workforce leads to an inclusive culture which leads to a positive reputation and better retention rates. 

Happier Employees

Employees want to feel seen, heard and understood. Happy employees lead to a more productive and engaged workforce. This is good for business and employees. 

Higher Profits

Engaged and innovative teams perform better. On average, companies with diverse employees have 19% higher revenue than their competitors.

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