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Best Diversity Training in Las Vegas

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

diversity training las vegas

The Las Vegas metropolitan area is home to nearly 3 million people and is one of the most diverse cities in the nation. It has a heavy Hispanic/Latino population and an increasingly growing Asian and Black population. But with new diverse populations joining Vegas comes new diversity challenges in the workforce.

What is Diversity Training?

Diversity training helps employees combat biases that may affect them or their coworkers. It also helps them understand the power of diversity and why it’s important for the company to be aware of biases and how that affects both the business and its customers.

Why do businesses need Diversity Training in Las Vegas?

Biases can create hostile working environments, leading to high turnover and a bad company reputation. When minorities feel uncomfortable and/or unsupported at work, and management does nothing about it, they often have no choice but to leave. Las Vegas diversity training is important because in a city that prides itself on welcoming people from all over the world, there’s a high chance there will be different cultures and beliefs in your workplace. And not knowing how to respond to diversity could create problems with work performance, inclusion and more.

Diversity training would benefit employees, customers, and employers. It would create a safe working space for employees (which creates greater productivity and a better culture), customers are less likely to face discrimination if employees have been through diversity training, and employers would see less turnover and an increase in innovation.

Types of Diversity Training in Las Vegas

Diversity training comes in different forms. Some companies prefer an online diversity training program where employees can watch videos and go through them independently. Others prefer group settings where a Diversity consultant will hold a class to explain the power of diversity. Other Diversity consultants will hold classes specifically for leadership positions, so managers can learn how diversity will help their business.

Key facts for why you need Diversity Training in Las Vegas

  • A Gartner study found that gender-diverse and inclusive teams outperformed their less inclusive counterparts by 50%. (Gartner, September 20th, 2019)

  • Diverse and inclusive organizations work 12% harder, are 19% more likely to stay longer with the organization and collaborate 57% more effectively with peers. (Changeboard)

  • 1 in 3 BIPOC professionals changed career direction or industry due to a lack of mobility or career growth. (HUE, 2022)

Overall, Diversity Training in a city as diverse as Las Vegas would only benefit businesses and the Las Vegas economy. Las Vegas is only getting more diverse, and businesses must adjust their strategy for employees to adapt to the changing demographics.


If you’re interested in learning more about Diversity Training, please call us at 800-834-4946 or email us at, and one of our Consultants will contact you.


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