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Why We only Hire Savages.

A word from our founder TaChelle Lawson:

Barbaric. Uncivilized. Uncultured. Crude. Rugged. Aboriginal. Harsh. Vicious. Brute.

These are just a few words that come to mind when we think of “Savage.” Basically, classless. Savages are “without class”. Not exactly the types that give you the warm fuzzies, however they are the type you’d want on your side if you find yourself lost in a real life Sons of Anarchy situation. Yup, I just compared life to SOA. Roll with it for a bit. See, for far too long we’ve allowed other people to determine what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. If someone has hot pink hair, they’re “trash” and if someone speaks without a filter, they’re “uneducated.” I call bullshit. And take it a step further and announce, I only want professional savages working at FIG.

Why do we allow people without spice or grit to dictate what is and isn’t classy? Well, they may speak for you, but they do not speak for me or my company so I’m rewriting the rules on my terms. No more sugar (unless it’s covered with jalapeno dust), no more tiptoeing around the truth, no more trying to fit into a culture that despises true confidence and individualism anyway. Nah. I’m over it. Savages give us reality checks, without the expectation of reward. And do so just the way I like it - straight. No chaser.

What makes Savages so desirable to me is their code - it’s different than most. They aren’t motivated by a need to be accepted or fit in, they’re driven by their personal commitment to being themselves. The beauty of that is when you encounter a Savage, you’re getting exactly who that person is - not some rehearsed version of them. Imagine that. Being in a meeting and not having to wonder if the person giving you information is being real or acting out some role they believe you need or worse - expect. No one benefits that way. The ugly part - most people can’t appreciate how beautiful and badass being a Savage really is. My favorite part...savages don’t care! They’re going to be 100% themselves and 100% for their cause regardless of who supports them. That is who I want on my team. These are the people that will put your brand and its purpose above any and everything, because that’s the code.

Needless to say, they make great storytellers and incredible strategists. Why? Their code. Duh. How many times do I have to enforce the code?

The code is what drives Savages. Collecting information, making informed decisions, is one thing, but being able to go against the norm, being unafraid to challenge anyone on anything for a purpose greater than yourself, that’s something different. You may see confrontation - I see strength. Savages come from different walks of life, backgrounds, experiences, education, culture - being able to tie all that up into one unit and use it to the firms’ advantage is powerful. The world has changed, the button-down collared shirt and suit mentality is fading. Fast. Does that mean there’s no room for a seasoned suit? Sure there is, but it’s not the same. The new name of the game is not just to embrace change, but be the change.

Keep the two-pump, vanilla-soy, almond, coconut, extra hot, but not too hot chai latte lovers dying to fit in with the crew - and send the Savages this way.

Ok, fine. I may have room for a chai-lover, but they better be a damn Savage.

If you’re interested in working with us, be prepared because, at FIG, we are S A V A G E S.


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