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Some of our favorite Female Minority Owned Businesses.

It has never been better to be a women-owned business but that was not always the case. Women business owners face the same changes as other business owners on top of being the traditional care takers for their households and pillars for emotional support to their male counterparts. This is not an easy task but we always stand and face our tasks head on.

With a huge shift of focus toward DEI, previously overlooked women owned businesses are receiving the spotlight they so justly deserve. Everyday we are seeing new and innovative ways women are augmenting or solving everyday problems. Here are a few examples of savages dominating their respective fields:

  • Well before the hit of Covid-19, Olive and June, creators were hard at work perfecting an at-home self-manicure system as an alternative to the traditional day at the salon model.

  • Diy-ers got a new champion in 2020 in Clara Gibbons with Clare, a to your door all-inclusive interior paint solution to beat away the lockdown blues.Clara seized the opportunity of a nation of consumers turning away from Big box stores in favor of supporting small and minority owned businesses. This breakout company is streamlining the selection process of choosing the next paint for your home from your couch.

  • Another woman owned innovator is singer and entertainer, Rhianna, with her Fenty brand. This world famous pop star carved out $558 million in profits its first year in business in an industry that appeared to have no room to grow Offering a new range of foundation for darker skin tones and more complimentary color palettes to match woman of color. As a result Fenty has catapulted to the forefront of cosmetics by simply speaking to and engaging with an unheard but necessary need to feel beautiful.

With new pushes for inclusionary missions and objectives, women owned businesses are in high demand, so get out there and show the world how savage you are, as a woman owned business.


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