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Misalignment: HR Signs There is a Lack of Cultural Fit

The best relationships will start with shared values and the openness to accept one another's differences. Working relationships between an organization and its employees are going to develop along the same lines. For example, do you want employees who will be able to get on board with new initiatives and be able to sell the vision both internally and externally early to your customers? This starts with being able to find employees that align with your cultural missions and your shared values.

In a great relationship, you see signs of open communication, a willingness to put forth their best effort, and the accountability to address problems that that person creates. However, you are also in good relationships that just aren't working out on that same note. These relationships are very telling and can be toxic to the people involved in a relationship and those around them. Here are a couple of examples of when alignment and values will affect the outcome of your relationship when dealing with your employees.

Lack of accountability

We've all worked with coworkers who wouldn't take responsibility for failures that they were responsible for. This can be detrimental to a working relationship because, without accountability, there isn't the trust in your coworker to handle duties assigned to them fairly and equitably. Common signs of lack of accountability are throwing people under the bus, playing the blame game, And of course, my favorite, that isn't my job.

High turnover

High turnover is also an indicative sign of a poor alignment between the employee and organization. If employees are constantly jumping ship, this is also a sign that there is a lack of alignment with what the organization is seeking and the employee or employees are delivering.

Pride of ownership

If you're constantly asking yourself, why do I get out of bed to go to work? You are probably misaligned with the organization. Like you, organizations are looking for individuals excited and willing to put forth their best work effort to execute their duties. Well, it's understood that everybody will not have a great day every day, but there should be more positive days than negative days or neutral days. If you dread going to work, that is probably not the place for you.

These were just a few examples of how individuals may be misaligned within their organization. Keep in mind that an organization's culture should constantly be growing and adapting to suit both its needs and the needs of its customers and employees well into the future.


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