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How DEI Can Capture Gen Z Talent

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It’s no secret: by 2060, 1 in 3 Americans will be Non-White (Census). This change in demographics will affect businesses both internally and externally: in recruiting, hiring, retention, ideas, and in customers, audiences, and the media. The workforce is beginning to enter the “wild west” with diversity changes; the aging population means more generations are working together, more women have entered the workforce, and there’s more demand for inclusivity of different sexualities and backgrounds.

About Generation Z (1997-2012)

48% of Gen Z are racial or ethnic minorities (Pew Research Center). The new generation is the most diverse it's ever been, and they’ve barely entered the workforce. Here are some key statistics to know about them:

  • 68.8 million Gen Zs in the U.S. today

  • They’re extremely tech-savvy: 64% of Gen Zs use instagram at least one per day.

  • Gen Z values mental health: They’re more likely to receive therapy or mental health treatment than any other generation. (APA)

  • Gen Z is educated: 57% of American Gen Z adults are enrolled in college.

  • Climate Change is Gen Z’s greatest fear, and racism came in second. (GWI)

In summary, Gen Z grew up with technology and gained an education. They value their mental health and are also interested in ESG (environmental, social, corporate governance) issues. They expect their workplace and job to reflect these values too: 83% of Gen-Z respondents said they consider an employer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion when deciding where to work. (Forbes)

How DEI Can Attract & Retain Gen Z

DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) aligns with their values and upbringing: as the most diverse generation to come, they see the importance of healthy workplace cultures that lets them thrive. Gen Z is also known for “job-hopping,” where 83% of Gen Z workers considered themselves as “job hoppers,” (FastCompany) which means they’re not afraid to leave a company that doesn’t treat them well.

It’s important for companies to begin investing in their DEI programs now, so when Gen Z graduates are ready, you’ll be able to recruit new talent and keep them as well.


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