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Diversity When Hiring: Think Outside The Box

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

WE don’t do trends!

Adhering to newly developed or revamped diversity plans has become a popular trend in recent months. We recognize that diversity is an inescapable fact; from the people we encounter, to the products that we buy. We are all touched by a diverse group of people, representing a wide array of cultures, backgrounds, and traditions from the moment we step out of bed. Here at FIG, we are proud to have made inclusion part of our way of thinking. This is also true when we considered our hiring plan.

By melding inclusive thinking into your hiring plan, your organization will be able to expand its offerings and better serve your client base, by including a wider range of voices and experiences when developing your products and fine-tuning your services.

Let’s take Lana, for instance; Lana is a recent graduate looking for an entry-level position at a marketing firm. If you base her likelihood of placement within a traditional agency, it could take up to a year before any firm even gives her a call back because she has no experience. That same firm may choose to go with a more seasoned candidate, to get them into the position faster, in order start churning out content and materials at a faster rate.

People who are hungry for knowledge and trying to prove themselves, especially as members of this new generation, offer an overwhelming amount of processing power. They are capable of contributing unique insights that may be game-changing to the organizations they are joining. Just imagine what organizations would look like if we stopped limiting our possibilities by excluding those that may not meet our perfect candidate requirements.

We too often think of race when we envision diversity. We need to stop that! Diversity is a fact, and while it is not a choice, inclusion is most definitely a choice. To truly ingrain diversity into the fabric of your organization's culture, we suggest you start with diversity of thought. Diversifying how you think and how you approach different situations will enable you to serve your organization better. It will also give you a fresh perspective when looking for candidates that may fill voids that your current organization has, and provide perspectives that your organization may lack.

To learn more about how we help you diversify your organization; schedule a consultation with one of our strategists.


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