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A Note on Diversity.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The definition of diversity is the inclusion of others representing more than one origin, color, religion, social status and recently added: sexual orientation. In our experience we find that most companies focus on the obvious; color. They do this and feel that by ticking off the "Race Box" they have successfully achieved diversity. Wrong.

That said, we believe the power of diversity is in the mind. Our differences almost always reside in the way a person thinks, which is well beyond race. Think about it. The advantage you’d have over your competitors if you had a single mom, foreign national, MBA graduate, self-made executive, ex-con, Army vet, rich kid, poor kid and senior citizen on the same team. It seems absurd, but the thought power this group would possess is beyond invaluable. None of them would arrive at a decision in the same manner. 

Why is that good? Because neither do your customers. 

But how do you apply that to your business practices? Consider getting to know your customers. Are they moms? Do they prefer biking to jogging, soda to wine? Those little differences can tell you a lot and help you make incredible hiring decisions. By diversifying your team's brainpower, you connect with your customers in a way that positions you to deliver their wants and needs with ease. 

Not sure how to start? Give us a call, our team is both diverse and well skilled in brand strategy.

// TaChelle Lawson


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