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Strategic Sourcing

Homegrown in Las Vegas, FIG has a unique perspective on hospitality, food & beverage and entertainment. This also means we have first-hand experience with stereotypes that have been troubling roadblocks to achieving actual diversity within the beverage and hospitality industry. In our strategic sourcing program, we help you authentically fold diversity into your brand and create lasting value. By integrating our diverse supplier portfolio into your current roster, you will have uniquely crafted stories that nurture and grow your brand equity and brand experience. All this while fulfilling your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and increasing your bottom line, which is good for employees, customers, and stakeholders.


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3 Benefits of strategic sourcing

  • Robust offerings for customers

  • Support local and disadvantaged businesses

  • Reduce supply chain costs

were minority-owned (ABS)

Reducing supply chain costs from 9% to 4% can double profits. (Zippia)

are less than 10 years old. (

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