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What Is a DEI Consultant and How Can They Help Your Organization?

Since 2020, companies have committed over $400 Billion towards advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Yet, three years later, most of those commitments have had little to no impact. Now companies are searching for other options to revamp their initiatives, and many are turning to an outside perspective.

What is a DEI consultant?

A DEI consultant is an expert on diversity, equity and inclusion that works with a company to take an objective look at the current efforts. They aim to determine what is and isn’t working and form recommendations and implementation strategies. Just a few of the ways a consultant can help your organization includes:

Review existing policies to ensure DEI is embedded throughout.

Create a culture transformation plan to boost morale and productivity.

Assess the current initiatives and strategies to create organizational alignment.

Work across departments to integrate DEI into the overall strategy.

Does my organization need a DEI consultant?

Whether your DEI initiatives are established or just starting, bringing in a DEI consultant can help you make a more significant impact, create effective strategies, and more. Some common reasons why companies seek out a DEI consultant are:

1. The current efforts aren’t making an impact or changing culture.

A majority of companies attempt to address DEI internally before hiring a consultant. While more prominent companies can afford to create an entire DEI department, most of them fall on the shoulders of HR. A consultant helps alleviate that pressure and ensure that DEI becomes a priority across the organization.

2. There has been pushback from employees and leadership.

It’s common to experience some pushback from employees and leadership when a company rolls out a new initiative to shake up the culture. Companies must generate organizational buy-in, or DEI will be put on the back burner no matter how genuine its intentions are. Bringing in a DEI consultant shows employees and leaders that DEI is a priority, and they can take the lead on building the business case for DEI internally.

3. Something has happened to make the company rethink DEI.

Typically, companies don’t identify DEI as a challenge until something happens. Whether an employee complaint or a discrimination lawsuit, waiting until the other shoe drops to prioritize DEI is a big mistake. And can cost you dollars and reputation. From crisis management to preventative measures, a DEI consultant can help.

Contact one of our DEI consultants today if you want to bring an unbiased perspective to assess and reevaluate your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.


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