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The Future of Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion is more than just a trend; and it is important for more than just the immediate groups it serves. Diversity and Inclusion allows companies access to diverse talent and unique perspectives that will bring insight and innovation.

With current strides being made, it is important to see what the future holds for Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. How long will the policies and practices put in place hold? What does Diversity and Inclusion mean for the next generation?

-Multigenerational Workforce: Workplaces are seeing a diverse range of employees from the Silent Generation to Gen Z within all industries, along with the shift towards a digital world. The importance of understanding the capabilities of some, versus others, will help in making sure everyone has a fair chance of learning and polishing skills.

-Gender Identity and Expression Support: Education and support groups are in dire need for this topic as many Human Resource departments are creating new interactive ways for employees to further understand one another. Gender-inclusivity will be a growing area for brands to tackle, as this is a diverse group that has recently come more into the spotlight.

-Including Equity: Forming from the need for brands to develop a deeper level of transparency, equity creates a focus on removing policies or practices that give space for inequity. This covers areas in companies such as unfair pay, talent management, and various forms of reporting.

-Creating Common Ground: Making a safe space where all voices can be heard is critical to the continued development of Diversity & Inclusion. Disadvantaged groups need to feel heard and have their issues addressed to continue the necessary work of diversifying the workplaces.

With Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts starting to form within various industries, brands will need assistance in making sure the mirror they hold to look at themselves matches the ideas customers have about them. FIG Firm can assist brands in bluntly understanding how the previous ways of going about talent, brand strategies, diversity initiatives, and market growth are no longer working. It is time to be bold and daring!


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