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Simple Ways to Improve Diversity & Inclusion.

For many years companies have questioned the importance of Diversity & Inclusion however the last few years alone have proven how strong the stance and voices of disadvantaged groups are becoming within various industries. Properly executed diversity and inclusion strategies carry major benefits such as employee retention, increased innovation and productivity, and an increase in profits and consumer insights. Customers are looking to support companies with values that match their own; relevant diversity and inclusion methods can have impressive impacts on brand valuation.

Below are some simple ways to improve diversity and inclusion within any enterprise:

-Understand what Diversity & Inclusion entails: Think outside the box of race and backgrounds; consider what various cultures, abilities, religions, gender identities and other aspects offer to your culture or product. Understanding the complexities of diversity and inclusion can assist in how to implement a diversity strategy.

-Examine executive boards and staff: Does your executive board and senior staff reflect your customer base? Does your staff align with your brand values and desired company culture?

-Revision of your company’s mission & values: Take a minute to go over these aspects to make sure the brand is conveying a relevant message to your audience. In what ways does the mission tie back to the causes and issues your customers’ care about?

-Educate: Provide training and workshops that align your internal culture with your external efforts. Investigate all reports thoroughly and within a timely manner, while presenting the proper levels of empathy for what is being advised.

-Support the diversity of your team: Allow for everyone and their different personality types to get a fair chance to voice their opinions and concerns. Reverse any practices or “habits” that exclude some over others in various situations.

Diversity and inclusion is one of several important aspects of brand vision and culture; a company cannot claim to be for an array of customers without a proper inspection of who they are and what they look like to clients. By following simple initiatives such as these, you will create a more inclusive company culture rich in cognitive diversity.


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