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Measuring DEI Progress

Organizations have been prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion more and more in recent years. While many organizations have rolled out initiatives, councils, and more - how do we measure the success of these programs?

Using the Data

Many organizations already have benchmarks on what their workplace should look like in regard to representation. Understanding the representation within your company's sector helps get a better picture of where you may be lacking. For example, if the average minority representation in your sector is 30% and you are holding steady at 15% - it's clear that you have serious work to do.

Data also helps you clearly identify weak spots within the initiatives that you have rolled out. You can gain a better understanding of what is working and what isn't working.

Beyond Hiring

While hiring diverse candidates is a way to increase the levels of diversity in your organization, it is not the same as inclusion. What percentage of leadership are minorities? How many promotions were given to minorities vs. non-minorities?

If your leadership lacks diversity, your company may in turn lack inclusion.

Get Feedback

Employee surveys are a great way to better understand how your employees feel about certain issues. Let's say that you send out a survey, and only 25% of employees feel that DEI is being prioritized in your organization despite new DEI initiatives being implemented – you now know you need to reevaluate your initiatives and the ways in which you are implementing and communicating them.

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives can be daunting. Give us a call at 800-834-4946 to learn more about how you can prioritize DEI in your organization.


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