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Is Your Team Diverse?

Diversity is not merely skin deep but its a solid start. Until recent years, diversity and inclusion policies and practices were frowned upon as a ploy to employ under qualified people to positions above their skill level. This could not be any further from the truth. One of the most notable D&I efforts of recent years was Affirmative Action, under these provisions organizations were required to recruit and advance qualified minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans. Such actions were meant to ‘Level the playing field” to allow persons of protected minority groups fair access to resources that would traditionally be out of reach to them.

Fast forward to the last decade with focus on 2020. Here we saw the most civil unrest surrounding racial inequality since the Civil Rights movement of 1965. With your new national perspective on inequality - we as a society are being forced into a much needed conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion at every level. We see brands making public commitments to D&I. Here are FIG we are posing 3 three questions.

  1. What is your commitment?

  2. What is your plan?

  3. Who is enacting your plan?

Surprisingly, we will glean more from the answer to your last question than either of the first two since diversity should be planned out from the qualified perspective of diverse representation. If your company is an operation of one, then you can go about your business. However, if you employ multiple people, diversity should be a part of the core planning of your organization and culture and not a reactionary response to the trends of society.

Allowing for different cultural perspectives up to the executive level will best position your organization to account for the ever changing perspective of your client and consumer base. Don’t be a virtue signaler trying to cover your previous oversight. Be an innovator that smashes diversity barriers and levels the field to enable true inclusionary practices to become part of your culture fabric weaving a way to a new future.

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