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Happy 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

And here we are. 2022. It’s an exciting time at FIG. As we say goodbye to 2021 and all of its surprises, challenges and ridiculous news cycles, we look forward to what’s ahead.

Last year we made a change in our services, going from brand strategy to DEI strategy after recognizing the need for organizations to be more intentional about diversity, equity, and inclusion by signing their business strategies with the DEI programs. As I look back at last year and the many conversations and consultations, I’m optimistic.

Although the first part of the year consisted heavily of executives hiring me because I’m a black woman (giving them more credibility to speak about diversity equity and inclusion to their employees) - by the end of the year, we were attracting like-minded clients. Clients that weren’t afraid to admit they didn’t know a thing about DEI but recognized its importance. Executives that dominate boardrooms but are uncomfortable having conversations about race relations. White professionals acknowledged they don’t have people of color in their inner circle and are therefore ill-equipped to address the challenges that people of color face in corporate America. Those were the conversations I had towards the end of the year. It shifted.

We walked away from organizations that blatantly tokenized black professionals, LGBTQ+ issues, women, etc. We walked away from partnerships that didn’t align with our goals and our vision. We formed new partnerships with companies and leaders that understand the new normal and how it caused a dramatic shift in business and are excited to be a part of shaping its growth.

In 2022 there are so many things to be excited about and my favorite is that we’re one year closer to normalizing diversity.

We’re one year closer to making these conversations less necessary.

One year closer to not needing organizations like FIG.

As we continue on our mission to change the way organizations think about diversity in everyday lives, we encourage you as a business leader to do the same. I encourage you to think about the decisions you’re making and the impact on those affected. Question why you’re making a diversity hire. Question if you’ve put proper protocols in place to ensure equity for all employees. Question whether or not you provide products for a diverse clientele before you place diverse models in an ad campaign. Question whether or not your ad agency represents your customer base i.e. or are they all white?

In 2022, question more. And find solutions. Need help? Give us a call.

Happy New Year.


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