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What is Diversity of Thought

When we talk about diversity, we often picture people of different backgrounds, races, and genders coming together. In reality, that is only about half of what diversity truly is. The other half is diversity of thought.

Diversity of thought is the different mindsets, perspectives, and processes that each individual brings to the table. Having diversity of thought in an organization helps improve innovation and decision-making. More than that, having a diverse workforce with different backgrounds and skill sets helps overcome unexpected obstacles you may face in your organization.

Diversity of thought is not the same as having a diverse workplace. For example, if your organization consists of people from different races, genders, etc., but you all have the same views, you aren’t truly diverse. Not everyone should think the same way -- your organization should consist of different opinions and viewpoints to have true diversity.

Even though having a diverse workforce in terms of race and gender is not the same as having diversity of thought, the two go hand in hand. By fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, you are bound to attract talent that is diverse in thinking.

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