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Global GDP is forecast to increase by $28 trillion if companies would be willing to dedicate more resources to creating equal gender-diverse workplaces.  (Bailey Reiners, Built In)


“TaChelle brings value and understanding to individuals with her "Inclusive Culture" dialogue. While Zoom calls can often lead to multitasking and "tuning out", TaChelle kept me rapt with attention as she shared her personal experiences and demonstrated how they lead to labeling and other misrepresentation. This seminar is a no-nonsense look at how our individual conscious and unconscious biases can potentially get the better of us. I highly recommend TaChelle; she is an amazing speaker and I can't wait to take another seminar with her.”
Hillary Louarti, Manager Diamond Transportation

“I've known TaChelle for years and have always enjoyed working with her. She's a big-picture thinker relative to how the product or program affects the bottom line in order to meet both short-term and long-term goals. TaChelle is impressive at handling a broad range of categories from brand to diversity strategy and balances corporate mindsets well. I found her to be not just a marketing guru, but what I appreciated most is that she understands the nature of the corporate direction. A great trait that she has as an effective leader, she consistently recognizes her team. She has helped me identify blind spots on several occasions. I definitely recommend her expertise.”
Charles Wilson, VP of Food & Beverage Cache Creek Casino Resort

“TaChelle is one of the Few people in this industry that can do it all. Not only is she kind and considerate, she understands the business, from the cost side to the actual science of food and beverage. It is always a pleasure to work with TaChelle. Smart business woman, foodie, and an all around great person to have in your corner.”
Garry DeLucia, Regional Executive Chef Levy Sports Catering

“TaChelle is both a dynamic and energetic speaker who has the ability to quickly connect with her audience. Through a few touchpoints, she presented a strategy aligned well with the objectives that I presented her with. The result was an engaging "conversation" with over 60 key leaders. She probed appropriately and responded with timely and relevant answers that were backed up by current data. TaChelle is someone that I'd wholeheartedly recommend, if you're looking to have a meaningful, thoughtful and relevant conversation around how to drive to a more inclusive workplace.”
Sarvern Varnado, Director of Organizational Learning Rexel USA

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