When To Walk.

A word from our Founder…

Knowing when to walk away is a gift many of us wish we had because it truly is a gift. We’ve heard it a thousand times: “cut your losses” or “ don’t wait too long” but how do you really know when it’s time to let go? Is it a decision made from the heart or the mind? Well, to be honest, it's both because the decision protects both. From a business perspective, I’ve been burned more than once and my biggest regret? Not cutting my losses when I knew I should have. 

Let’s take Nike for instance. Now, I’m a huge fan and, although I only wear Nike to workout, it truly is one of my favorite brands because it pushes the boundaries of comfort and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. However, this business of discontinuing a shoe basically because Colin doesn’t support their choice..eehh...this I don’t support. Who’s in charge over there? Because from where I’m sitting it seems like Colin Kapernick is. Now, I’m not suggesting Nike get rid of CK. Hell, I’m just the owner of the baddest boutique brand firm not enough people have heard of, so not many would listen. (Yet, hee hee).

Damn. Digressed again!

Ok, I’m back. I’m really not suggesting they kick him to the curb, but I am raising the question...when does it get to the point where a brand may need to reevaluate? Does it happen when has a person pushed too far or the views simply stop aligning? It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is necessary to cut your losses when they start affecting company culture, values, reputation and revenue. The thing is, being in charge of a business isn’t easy - because you inevitably deal with people and people can be...well...a little tricky.