What's Your Brand Purpose?

We’ve all had those experiences that make us shake our heads and think, someone should do something to change this. Some of us take those thoughts and take the deep plunge into the business world. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the brave souls that took the jump off the proverbial cliff. Thank you for joining us, we’re glad you’re here!

After the initial jump, the first ah-ha moment where you thought “I can evoke a change”, comes the moment where you really have to dig deep and ask yourself:

“Why am I doing this? What is my brand’s purpose?”

Struggling to answer that question? No worries, we can fig it out!

Having a purpose as a brand is just as important as having a purpose as a person. Your brand’s purpose is what will set you apart from your competition. It will be the reason your audience says YES to you and Thank you, next to the others.

Let’s talk about some questions you can use to figure out why it is you’re out here doing what you’re doing:

• Why does our brand exist?

This is problem or issue your business solves. There’s a reason you jumped - materialize it.

• Why are we who we are today?

The experiences you’ve had in your past that created the reason you want to solve the problem or issue mentioned above.

• Why are we good at what we do?

This is reason YOU are the experts in your industry over your competition. Write down 5 things that set you apart from the guys down the street.

• What do other people say about us?

Make sure your audience understands the change you are working towards. If you’re not communicating the message properly, it’s time to adopt a more effective marketing strategy.

• How does our brand fit into the way we want to see change in the world?

If you’re really looking to make a difference, do you have a strong plan of attack? If you think excess trash on a school yard is a problem, you probably shouldn’t sell a snack product that comes sealed in an ungodly amount of unnecessary plastic packaging.

Take us, for example. Fig was created in an effort to foster partner-style relationships with our clients, not the traditional client-agency relationship. We understand what it’s like to be the client and how frustrating it can be to watch the agency you’re working with sit on the sidelines and collect a monthly retainer. We respect that our partners are operator, leaders and visionaries, so we are here to support and advise.

If you need help determining what your brand purpose is, we can help with that too. All it takes is a free strategy session. So give us a call. Let’s #FigItOut.