What’s the Difference Between a Logo and a Brand?

The answer is actually pretty simple.

A logo is a huge part of your brand’s identity. It’s a singular way for your customers to instantly recognize your company. However, your logo isn’t what makes your brand, although it does help to define it.

Branding is defined as “a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name” by the dictionary. The business definition takes this a step further. Branding can be thought of as the holistic perspective of how customers experience your business. Your brand encompasses everything from your mission statement, your packaging, marketing and design. It includes everything from the colors you use to the way your team communicates with your audience.

As a comparison, your logo is simply the shape, object or image used to represent your company. A logo is a necessity and it’s something that should be included in every touchpoint of your customer journey (hello brand awareness). Think about the Target logo or the McDonald’s golden arch. That symbol now resonates in the back of everyone’s minds as a constant reminder of those companies. That is what your logo should aim to do for your brand.

A logo is a small part of your overall brand and business needs. Your audience doesn’t experience your brand solely through the logo. Your brand is experienced through interactions, both in real life and online, through marketing, packaging, etc.

If you feel like your brand is disconnected, FIG specializes in pulling in those pieces and making a cohesive overall brand, inclusive of logo design. Contact us today and let’s get to work!