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We Will Not Entertain Those That Do Not Commit To Their Core Values.

After a tumultuous 2020, 2021 at FIG is all about bold statements and commitments. That means, we’ve honed in on our own commitments and done some deep reflecting on our own core values. One of the commitments we’ve made this year is that we’re not going to entertain companies who don’t commit to their core values. And we’re ready to call you out on it!

The idea of core values has gained traction over the past years. What exactly are they? Your core values are the beliefs, purpose and mission that you as a company stand for. That sounds great doesn’t it? Enter problem (you knew we had some beef): too many companies merely produce lofty statements that mean little to nothing in practice. In other words, they do not live up to their core values; they simply create core values because it’s a good look (or sometimes they genuinely think they live up to them) and the core values in question do little but decorate the hallways of their lobby.

That takes us to part two of core values; they are what your external and internal brand needs to align around. This means that you don’t get to say “sustainability” is one of your core values and not live, breath and eat sustainability. You don’t get to say “sustainability” is your core value and the only sustainable procedure you have in place is paper straws. Your team, culture, products and entire company needs to be aligned with sustainability. Similarly, you don’t get to pride yourself on your family-like culture; when it’s in reality a zest pool for bullying (yes we’ve worked with that company). So pick your core values wisely, make sure they actually mean something to you and they’re something you’re willing to commit to, do not commit to them because it’s what you’re supposed to do. We do not figgin’ take kindly to virtue signaling!

Do you not know where to start with your core values? Do you know what they are but you realize you’ve fallen short in living up to them? Learn more about how we can help, and contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our of strategists.


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