The Secret to Making a Sale.

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Struggling to make the sale?

Sure, there are numerous reasons why it might not be happening for you, and unfortunately, some may be completely out of your control. Such is life. But, what if we told you there may be one simple change you can make that could be the difference between success and failure? One key factor that must exist to achieve greatness?

We bet you’re just itching to know. Should we drag it out a little longer? Well, it all started when…

Ok, ok. We’ll get straight to the juice!

For you, as the sales person, the one key factor that has to exist to be successful is…YOUR MINDSET.

Not what you were expecting to hear? Allow us to elaborate…

If you have, what Shane Krider calls, a “Poverty Mindset” that means you will never believe that you can truly be successful. You’ll always have that small, but mighty, voice in your head telling you how you can’t ask for that sale or you don’t have the funds or the means to make that happen right now. And how lame is that? With a poverty mindset, you will miss your sales target because you’ve decided to focus on all the reasons why you CAN’T instead of why you CAN. That thing that’s preventing you from making it big time? That reason is you.

Woah, mind blown, right? We’ll take a brief pause while you pick your brain up off the floor and collect yourself.

Good? All right, let’s continue.

If you want to see results, you need to change two perspectives:

1. Move from a Poverty Mindset to a Successful Mindset

2. Change your relationship with money (bet you didn’t see that one coming, either)

Start with numero uno. To achieve the shift in your mindset, think of all the reasons why you CAN make it big, instead of all the reasons why you might not be able to. Create a vision of the future successful you. What do you look like? Where do you live? Work? How do you feel about this successful you?

This by no means is an easy task. It’s not a flip of a switch, but you know what? That’s ok! The first step is always taking the first step. Do whatever it takes to get yourself into that mindset: listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, read books.

*Our brilliant VP of Business Development is a huge fan of Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins if you need some suggestions. You’re welcome.

Speaking of Tony, he tells a great story about the limitless availability of money. He describes a man who takes a bucket and goes to the ocean to fill it with water, only to return the next day and fill it again. The man never once thinks, “Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t take another bucket of water tomorrow, as I might deplete the ocean”. We need to see money in that same way. There is plenty of it! There is more than enough money to go around - no one is going to run out of it. Shake off the beliefs you picked up from your grandparents that attach a negative meaning to the desire of having money.

We all want it, we all have some of it and we all want more of it.

The solution to your struggle is simple. Make the change. The journey may not be a quick and easy one, but it will be worth it once you achieve the success you are striving for.