The New Instagram Creator Account.

When it comes to your social media accounts, analytics are key. Businesses need to watch the numbers to make sure their social media marketing tactics are top notch and working, so we appreciate any and all updates that improve how we track our metrics.

Instagram recently added the option of Instagram Creator accounts. Similar to converting to a Business account, Instagram Creator account allows deeper insights on account performance and direct messaging separation.

With Instagram Creator accounts, account owners will be able to see new followers and unfollowers for a specific day. Small change, but it can have a huge impact. This update allows you to take a look at when you lost followers and why it may have happened. Reviewing your content and engagement levels is important and now you’re allowed to take it to a deeper level.

The new update also provide a simplified inbox, where you can sort your direct messages into two tabs: general and primary. You can also flag and filter your messages between read, unread or flagged. If you receive an influx of DM’s, this organizational tool is probably making your heart explode with excitement. Long gone are the days of endless scrolling to find that collab DM. Finally, the OCD in us can take a chill pill.

Switching to the Instagram Creator account is easy. Simply go to your settings,  select Account and choose Switch to Creator Account if you’re migrating from a Business profile. If moving from a Personal account, choose Get More Tools. From there, you simply select a category that fits your profile and wah-lah! You’re all set.

We have noticed that this option is not available to all accounts just yet. So, if Instagram deems you worthy, we definitely suggest taking the opportunity. If not, your time will come, just patiently wait it out!