The 3 Major Aspects of Social Media Marketing.

Long gone are the days when social media marketing was an option.

In today’s crazy world of marketing, it’s essential to include social media in your marketing plan. Stop holding out on the digital world! Sorry traditional marketers, it’s time to give in.

Let’s talk about the three major aspects of social media marketing:

1. Social

Release that inner social butterfly. Be social with your business! There’s no time to be a wallflower when it comes to your social media. Get out there and connect. Talk to your customers, cultivate those conversations (even the tough ones!) And build trust with potential clients. It’s a great way to maintain positive and healthy relationships with your audience.

2. Media

We’re humans and we’re visual creatures. Which means your social media needs to be visually appealing. There’s a reason why Ariana Grande said “I see it. I like it. I want it. I buy it.” Your brand needs to be creative, engaging and interrupting. Attention spans are getting shorter, so demand attention with visuals that grab it before that finger scrolls on by.

3. Marketing

Ah, finally a place where our traditional marketer can feel at home. The foundation of marketing is essentially the same, regardless of the platform. The goal is always to create awareness, build brand loyalty and generate conversions, whether that be sign-ups, purchases or follows.

Social media marketing isn’t the end-all, be-all. It’s a smart tactic to include in your overall strategy. It’s complimentary. It’s a way of selling your product through a different way of advertising. Embrace the change. Evolve with the times. Get. On. Social. Media.