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Talk Is Cheap.

There’s been a lot of talk amongst corporations. We’re going to do this or that. We’re going to give money to black people, poor people, or women that need it. We’re going to promote our receptionist to the vice president of diversity & inclusion. We’re going to diversify our board and look for more diversity in our leadership. Talk is cheap. Where is the action?

Imagine if some of our past leaders were all talk? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by far the most famous black leader, had no shortage of enemies. Many wanted to see him fail. But did that stop him from taking action? Not at all. His words were followed with action. And today, he is known as a man who did what he said he would. As we get ready to make the numerous posts about his life and what he believed in, let’s be mindful not to forget what he should be most famous for, and that is he took ACTION.

Maybe your organization is planning on making another substantial donation to the NAACP or BLM - organizations you have no connection to but you feel you have to “do something” because it’s Black History Month. Ask yourself if there’s a smaller local black owned business that could use your support instead? I think we can agree that the days of all talks are over. Action is the name of the game.

While we’re at it, let’s address something sensitive. Many companies think it’s a good idea to put up statistics on their websites and social media about how many blacks, Hispanics, or women they have working for their organization. This is a form of talk. It’s not admirable. It’s not a good idea. It is lazy. It is offensive, and it is virtue signaling.

What action have you taken to improve the culture of your organization? What steps have you taken to inquire about your employees’ well-being? Here’s a quick tip - keeping it between you and your employees and your company makes it feel genuine. Action is not about getting attention. It’s about accountability.

Look at it this way. When our employees don’t perform, we put them on an action plan outlining clear deliverables that need to be met to move forward. Have you done the same for your organization? If not, you’re still in the talking phase. It’s time to move on. We all need to be prepared for our employees to hold us accountable. For our communities to hold us accountable. And for our customers to hold us accountable. We’re no longer allowed to let them down by being all talk.

FIG is taking it up a notch on calling out BS this month. It’s time for leaders to step up and stop talking. And hey, if you need help getting from talk to action. Give us a call.


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