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Supporting Your Employees Beyond Pride Month

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Numerous companies have changed their logos online and issued press releases stating they support the LGBTQ + community. But beyond the logo, how are they showing up for their LGBTQ+ employees beyond pride month? What exactly does that support look like?

Although well intended, changing logos and sending press releases is not enough; support requires real action. LGBTQ+ individuals don’t exist during Pride Month alone, so why should company support be any different? It’s time to make an effort year-round to create an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Let's look at the numbers; 1 in 4 employees say they hide their sexual orientation at work because they worry about being treated differently if they came out. 31% of employees that are out in their workplace say they have faced blatant discrimination and microaggressions.

Creating an environment that permits employees to show up as their whole, authentic selves and making them feel welcomed is critical. Below are three ways corporations can support LGBTQ+ employees year-round.

Reviewing Corporate Policy:

Corporate policies must be in line to support employees. 91% of Fortune 500 companies now have anti-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation, and 83% include gender identity. Making sure that the corporate approach is inclusive to LGBTQ+ employees is a must in reaching company inclusion.

Employee Benefits:

Being inclusive also means that employee benefits include everyone. Ensuring that healthcare has same-sex partners and the medical needs of transgender employees is a great way to set corporations up for being an LGBTQ+ friendly organization. Don’t know where to start, seek guidance from your benefits company to learn more about those options.

Bring in the experts:

Although most have the best intentions, most corporate leaders are not experts when it comes to DEI. Bringing in an expert to facilitate uncomfortable, but necessary conversations show employees that you’re serious about DEI. Experts can also work with leadership to create and implement a DEI to help the company genuinely become an inclusive workplace.

There are countless ways to support employees beyond pride month. It all begins with making a commitment and taking it seriously. And if you are genuinely trying to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, you need a plan.

Looking for DEI Expert?

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