We’re a black-woman-owned business, and some have voiced their opinions about us praising “white” men. Well. FIG is not a virtue-signaling firm. We’re savages. Meaning we tell it like it is, and if Batman or Superman were purple with yellow squiggly lines for veins and actual oranges for eyes, we’d still be high-fiving them because we love core values. We don’t think one color over another is better at standing for what’s right.

But this isn't about FIG. Today, we’re showing love to our second favorite superhero, Superman. Again - we know he isn’t real, but his ability to inspire is. If you set out to solve one major challenge for your company this year, solve your culture problem. Seriously. Not only is it what Superman would do, but it’s also the smart thing to do as the results are incredible! Below are a few averages:

  • 64% increased employee morale

  • 42% higher employee retention

  • 81% increase in productivity

  • 37% higher revenues

  • 28% increase in brand loyalty

Alright, Superman. By definition, he’s an alien. Talk about diversity! This guy isn’t even human, yet loved, respected, and admired as a hero. His moral compass is so strong that he chooses to remain (with people who should technically hate him because he’s different) simply to protect them. Let’s unpack that, shall we? On his planet, he’s a prince. On earth, he’s a working-class farm kid that never gets a day off because he’s always saving someone.

So why does he stay? More importantly, why does he fight to protect people that would turn on him in a second if they truly understood how powerful he is? People that have turned on him for being different? The answer is simple. He’s a leader. And with leadership comes responsibility. I’m sure he doesn’t wake up every morning thinking, “I wanna save people.” He probably wants days to just Netflix and chill, but he can’t. His responsibilities don’t permit that.

Imagine this, that sociopath Lex Luther is planning to bomb a plane full of passengers. Superman gets wind of it and then decides, “but Bates Motel is only on Netflix for two more days.” Or worse. He says, “they’re all black passengers; I only save white people.” Seems ridiculous, right. But that is what happens in “leadership” all the time. People that are trusted and respected selectively lead. They aren’t willing to put themselves out there for everyone but expect love and admiration from everyone.

Superman is better than that. If someone is in danger, he’s there. Black, white, brown, yellow, man, woman, transgender - he will be there. What makes superheroes so incredible is not just the costumes (although incredible) or their power punches. They have a code. And to them, the code is everything. It details the things that matter to them: equality, safety, and peace. They ultimately fight for the same things.

At FIG, we believe the code (if you will) is what defines brand culture. And some brands just get that part right. Apple, Lamborghini, Red Bull, Louis-Vuitton, Fenty, and Harley-Davidson to name a few. They all live by their code - things are that are important to them and shape their daily decisions and interactions. It makes you wonder, are these companies led by Superheros? I mean, is Tony Stark running Apple? Bruce Wayne in charge of Harley-Davidson? No. Everyday leaders are in control. That means superheroes can inspire us, but we’re just people leading teams and shaping culture in reality.

The million-dollar question: what kind of leader are you?

If you can’t answer that question or don’t want to, we should talk. You may need our culture transformation. You can reach us at or click here to schedule a free consultation.