Strong Brands Alienate.

We have consultations pretty regularly and the response that always throws us off is how many businesses truly believe that everyone is their audience. We’ll get the “we make tequila for everyone” or “hand cream for everyone.” When in reality the tequila includes jalapenos which means at the very least you make tequila for people that like jalapenos and the hand cream smells like sandalwood meaning people who prefer cranberry scent are probably not your target. 

So our question: why are so many companies afraid to alienate?

Our answer: FOMO. The fear of missing the few is enough to make them miss the plenty. 

We think that’s figgin ridiculous! At FIG Firm we’re all about alienating (and the more you alienate, the better). The truth is that most people don’t care about your product or service as much as you do. So while you’re busy trying to sell to Jane, she is buying from Paul. Meanwhile, Steve, your true target, can’t find you because you’re too focused on not alienating Jane. Like we said, figgin ridiculous. 

Consumers don’t make rational decisions, they make most of them based on how they feel which means speaking to your target’s emotions is the most effective way to connect. Customers can be very loyal, because face it, most of us don’t want to keep looking so once we find something that works, fits our needs and delivers consistently there’s no reason to. We suggest making everything about your target, and we mean every-thing. Don’t give them a reason to look anywhere else.

Below are 3 simple steps to alienating: 

  1. Determine what problem you’re solving - this is not everyone’s problem. 

  2. Who will be attracted to it. You’re clearly solving a problem for someone, who is it? Do they like long walks on the beach or offroading in the desert? Figure out who they are. 

  3. How do you tap into their emotions. What will make them tick? Are they value driven? Or aspirational? Each has a different emotional need, find it, speak to it!

Keep this in mind, if you aren’t speaking to your target - someone else is and with more success. Very simple.